Foundation Un-masked

The prospect of buying foundation daunts me. What with tinted moisturizers, BB creams, and myriad types of foundation all vying for my attention like squabbling children, it’s no wonder that I’d rather resort to wearing a paper bag. Maybe what I’m afraid of is that there are so many women out there who go about their lives with beige, mask-like faces, their white necks silently betraying their foundation faux pas. I am loath to join that club.

So when my fresh-faced friend Annie began waxing rhapsodically over the benefits of her Benefit foundation, cheekily named Some Kind-A Gorgeous, my ears immediately perked up. "It goes on very light and smooth," she gushed over our glasses of wine. "I don’t feel like I’m caking makeup onto my face." She went on to explain that the thing she likes the most is the texture—so lightweight, yet it lasts from morning to night and covers smoothly and evenly so your skin still looks like your own—but better.

The product claims to be a “cream to powder” consistency, so the final look is on the matte side, not the shiny mess that so often accompanies oil-based foundations. This skin perfector in a jar comes in three shades, and blends with scores of skin tones, so blessedly your face will be flawless and yes, it will still match your neck.

Some Kind-a Gorgeous can be found at Sephora for $30.

Photo by Leslie Patrick