High Glass


I have a tendency toward obsessiveness—with a capital O. Whether it be Eggo Special K waffles, Kiehl’s lip gloss in “Pink Rider” or cashmere hoodies from J. Crew, once I find something I love, must-have obsession kicks in and I simply cannot have enough of that thing in my life.

My latest big O? Glass rings. Last month I had the supreme pleasure of visiting Italy, where I positively fell in love with Venice. Famous for glassmaking, hundreds of shops selling delicate, candy colored Venetian treasures line the sparkling canals, and beckon passersby into their glistening interiors with irresistible siren songs. I was unable to resist popping into nearly every boutique (to the chagrin of my poor travel buddy) in an attempt to find the most stylish and stunning jewelry. The multitude of brightly colored glass rings are what really caught my eye—the statement piece perfection of them—and I tried on every shade and shape until I found one in a turquoise with silver flecks that exactly matched the vibrant blue of the Venetian lagoons.

No trip to Venice on the horizon? No problem! Etsy has a superb selection of glass rings, and though they may not be Venetian made, each one can be your own personal fall jewelry obsession.