Wool And The Gang

I discovered the Swiss brand Wool and the Gang about a year ago at Cameron Marks in Santa Cruz. I immediately fell in love with the Sexy Back Sweater (pictured below) in True Blue. The classic yet bold color, the soft, strong texture, and the image of throwing it over my head had a hold on me—I needed to know more about this company.

Wool and the Gang is more than just a catchy name—it has roots. Representing a “gang of artisans across the globe," the company is committed to being ethical, traditional, inspirational, recreational, and totally original. Each ready-to-wear piece is unique and  hand-made in the mountainous regions of Peru. The selection of stylish tops, hats, scarves, sweaters, dresses, skirts, vests and more are all hand-picked by WATG fashion aficionados dedicated to all things hand-made.

Beyond being a fair trade clothing company, it’s a community. WATG doesn’t want you to just stop by their site and buy a sweater, instead they want you to understand the work that goes into each garment, appreciate the skill and tradition, and maybe even give it a try yourself and become part of an ever-expanding ‘gang’ of knitwear enthusiasts and knitters. In addition to purchasing ready-to-wear items online, you can find patterns for making your own items, purchase knitting supplies, explore WATG for kids, view video tutorials, and follow along on their blog.

In my dream world, I would knit myself that Sexy Back Sweater. In reality, I’ve got my hands full (pun intended?) working full-time, dogsitting every other week, and sewing and managing my own little clothing company, leading me to accept that I probably won’t be embarking on a sweater creation project any day soon. However, knowing that my purchase is supporting a company like this is the next best thing, and I’m happy to be a part of it.

Discover the company at www.woolandthegang.com.