Unconventional Travel

Ever since I first heard the term Gypset, I was entranced. A combination of the words gypsy and jetsetter, the hybrid moniker embodies everything I want my life to be—bohemian, adventure-seeking nomad meets stylish, glamour-loving urbanite. The term, coined by travel writer Julia Chaplin, was made famous in her first book Gypset Style which captured enclaves worldwide that embraced a low key yet incredibly stylish way of life.

Now, just in time for Christmas giving comes her new book, Gypset Travel. This unconventional travel book pairs her laid back travel ethos with pages of stunning photos capturing the life we all want to live. Imagine, living in a teepee in Spain, a thatched hut in Mexico, or on the beach in India—all sun, sand and style. Just swap the grungy backpacker vibe for the design savvy modern traveler and you’ve got an idea of what Gypset Travel is all about.

Gorgeous fashion, photography, art and locations combine to make this book a coffee table must-have for any fashion/travel/art fan. Santa, are you listening?

Photos by blog.stylesight.com.