A Christmas Story

Photos: Nick Chao

A Christmas Story Look 1 (above) / Jacket: Smythe, $610 (Cameron Marks) / Dress: (Stylist's Own) / Leg Wear: Foot Traffic, "Cuban Heel" in Nude, $12 (Legs) / Earrings: $85 Blank Verse Jewelry / Stole: (Stylist's Own)

A Christmas Story Look 2 / Top: Pink Martini, $84 (Wallflower) / Skirt: (Stylist's Own) / Hat: "Genie" by Eugenia Kim, $70 (Cameron Marks) / Jacket: Tulle, $89 (Pacific Trading Co.) / Leg Wear: Foot Traffic, "Cuban Heel" in Nude, $12 (Legs) / Earrings: $85 (Blank Verse Jewelry)

This week, The Penny Rose launches its Holiday Fashion Week. We're featuring five days worth of holiday "looks" that can serve as inspiration to your fashion choices this season. Working with photographer Nick Chao and model Desiree Amariei, we spent more than a month planning and producing this photo shoot which took place over the course of one day in downtown Santa Cruz. Our theme? Christmas movies. The fashion we'll feature on the blog during this week has all been inspired by ideas, themes, fashion, and costumes from some of our all-time favorite holiday flicks.

For our first day, we're spotlighting 1940s style with a nod to the film, "A Christmas Story."

While main character 9-year-old Ralphie dons the film’s most memorable outfits—who could forget the homemade pink bunny suit that he’s mortified to wear or the cowboy getup during his Red Ryder BB Gun daydream?—his little brother Randy has a classic scene bundled in so many snow clothes that he can barely move, and the film’s biggest style icon might well be an inanimate, risqué leg lamp.

With these hilarious fashion mishaps in mind, it might seem that "A Christmas Story" isn’t the best source of fashion inspiration. But, here at The Penny Rose, we beg to differ: for the enterprising fashionista, the movie is a celebration of working-class 1940s American culture, when closets were troves of vests, sweaters, blouses, and high-waisted skirts and pants. It gives the viewer a peek into everyday life in the days when adults didn’t go out in public without a sharp-looking hat. This holiday season, take inspiration from "A Christmas Story" and shoot for a classic, put-together ode to vintage America.

Here, we reveal our vision of the woman who inspired that leg lamp. She shows off her stems (and her gorgeous face), while wearing polka dots, a pale pink bow blouse, a tweed jacket, and dangly retro earrings.

—Christa Martin and Elizabeth Limbach

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Photos: Nick Chao / Model: Desiree Amariei / Fashion Stylist: Missy Schnaps / Hair Stylist: Ginger Vaughn / Makeup: Anna Wu / Wardrobe Assistant: Ellie Vilmenay / Production Assistant: Sera Michael / Filmmaker: Deva Blaisdell-Anderson / Producer-Director: Christa Martin / Location: Legs by Sockshop and Shoe Co., 1517 Pacific Ave., Santa Cruz, Calif. Host: Stripe