Miracle on 34th Street


Miracle on 34th Street / Blouse: (Stylist's Own) / Pants: Sanctuary "Charmer," $142 (Pacific Trading Co.)  / Shoes: (Stylist's Own) / Earrings: $50 (Blank Verse Jewelry) / Necklace: $225 (Blank Verse Jewelry) / Jacket: Kai Aakmann, $365 (Cameron Marks) / Location: Stripe MEN

On day three of Holiday Fashion Week we find fashion inspiration from the film "Miracle on 34th Street." 

Another classic Christmas movie from the ’40s, this film features beauty Maureen O’Hara, whose perfectly coiffed hair, elegantly applied makeup, and pearl studs and necklace lend the black-and-white movie an enduring image. But the real star here is Santa Claus, who’s forced to prove his identity is legitimate after he’s hired to play Santa at Macy’s flagship store on 34th Street in New York.  The film captures the contagious buzz and spirit at department stores during the holidays.  

Here, our model not only adds red to her wardrobe as a nod to Santa, but she unveils a holiday-inspired way to dress for your upcoming shopping adventures. Red skinny jeans, a cozy winter coat, and original baubles make a statement as you check off your Christmas list. —Christa Martin and Elizabeth Limbach

Photos: Nick Chao / Model: Desiree Amariei / Fashion Stylist: Missy Schnaps / Hair Stylist: Ginger Vaughn / Makeup: Anna Wu / Wardrobe Department: Ellie Vilmenay / Production Assistant: Sera Michael / Filmmaker: Deva Blaisdell-Anderson / Producer-Director: Christa Martin / Location: Stripe MEN, 109 Locust St., Santa Cruz, Calif. Host: Stripe