Edward Scissorhands


Edward Scissorhands / Dress: Ella Moss, $248 (Pacific Trading Co.) / Jacket: Mystree, $108 (Pacific Trading Co.) / Shoes: (Stylist's Own) / Ice & Vine Necklace, $125 (Blank Verse Jewelry) / Earrings: $85 (Blank Verse Jewelry) 

On our last day of Holiday Fashion Week, there's no better way to feature cold-weather fashion than with a nod to the ice dance in the movie "Edward Scissorhands." Tim Burton’s cinematic worlds and the characters that fill them are rich with quirk, depth and an unmistakable good-natured darkness. Everything—from the wardrobe and makeup to the color of the paint on the walls—is carefully selected and ripe with meaning. In this film, Edward’s gothic black jumpsuit, wild hair and menacing scissorhands are juxtaposed by the radiance of his love interest, played by Winona Ryder. She wears bright colors like yellow and teal, and has long, strawberry blonde hair that frames a sweet, young face with doe eyes.

Her character’s shining style moment comes as the central family sets up its Christmas decorations. Edward sculpts an ice angel with his unique hands, sending faux snowflakes flying. Ryder twirls in the falling flakes, stunning and pure in an off-the-shoulder, long white dress. It’s a beautiful, and Burton-esquely bizarre, winter wonderland moment. Re-create this look with a sparkly, retro-inspired, layered holiday dress. Add a white faux fur jacket, and a statement necklace like this one from Blank Verse Jewelry which was created specifically for this look. —Christa Martin and Elizabeth Limbach

Photos: Nick Chao / Model: Desiree Amariei / Fashion Stylist: Missy Schnaps / Hair Stylist: Ginger Vaughn / Makeup: Anna Wu / Wardrobe Department: Ellie Vilmenay / Production Assistant: Sera Michael / Filmmaker: Deva Blaisdell-Anderson / Producer-Director: Christa Martin / Host: Stripe