Beachy Keen

There is an excellent chance that you have already heard of Bumble and Bumble’s Surf Spray by now as it is constantly touted in women’s magazines from here to Argentina as being the numero uno hair texturizer. But the question remains … have you actually tried it? If you have not, I am here to say, please do. And not just any please, but please with a capital P! I suppose if you are in possession of hair that emerges perfectly from the shower every day, or you actually enjoy spending an hour blow drying and styling your mane at the crack of dawn, then this product may not be for you. But who are we kidding. Do those scenarios really happen to anyone?

My sister has hair that I constantly admire for it’s messy, yet under-control sexiness. While she goes about her day bombshell gorgeous, I silently skulk about sporting my pathetic ponytail, all the while wondering how she does it. It was during one of my hair pity parties that she told me she uses Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray. She claimed that her screen siren-worthy waves were sculpted from simply spraying her tresses with a spritz or two from this unassuming black and silver bottle. An hour’s air dry later and she has beachy, windblown waves seriously worthy of envy.

I admit, I was wary of the miracle factor of this product. “She must do more than that!” I thought. But my sister does not lie. One shampoo, a generous spritz of beach spray and an hour’s air dry later, I too possessed the gentle, wavy hair that I had so desired. I’m not saying that you should chuck out your other hair products just yet, but once you’ve tasted the freedom of beachy, tousled hair with almost zero effort, you may never turn back.