Ode To A Muse

Photos: Nick Chao

As a journalist, I've been writing about fashion since 2006 and I've had the great joy of producing annual photo shoots since then. On several occasions, I've had the pleasure of working with one of my favorite models, Desiree Amariei. She also happens to be one of my dearest friends. 

When I flip through Vogue and other fashion magazines, I often find that the publications use the same models over and over again. I understand most likely why that's the case. These women, like Desiree, can become a muse. They're not just clothes hangers. Sure they can wear clothes beautifully, and they usually have remarkable figures and bone structures, but if they're a good model, they offer so much more—depth, personality, intelligence, a beauty that actually does come from the inside and shine on the outside. 

This is the case with Desiree. Her beauty—very Cameron Diaz(ish)—is striking, both in person and on camera. But the depth of her warmth, kindness and grace is what truly creates an all around beautiful package. 

And, on top of that, she's a mother to three small children. 

During the last week of November, The Penny Rose will launch its second fashion week. This time around, we're calling it Santa Cruz Holiday Fashion Week. We'll be featuring the remarkable photographic talents of Nick Chao (as seen in the four photos above), who will be capturing holiday looks as modeled by Desiree. Please join us for a festive Santa Cruz Holiday Fashion Week. 

Below are a few older photos of projects I've worked on with Desiree over the years. As you can tell, her beauty is long-lasting.

Photos: Alexis Meschi