Another Christmas Story


1940's A Christmas Story



The stars are twinkling brightly above as you rush out the door in your sparkly t-strap pumps, eager to get to the holiday soiree.

Your mind flits to the moment when you walk in the room. Who is this mysterious woman? Conversation stops as you remove your vintage fur-lined coat to reveal the silky charm of your retro party dress beneath. A glass of bubbly appears in your hand, your golden drop earrings illuminate as you flirt with the handsome man on your right. You glance alluringly at him, he smiles shyly back. You spot a jaunty sprig of mistletoe hanging overhead, will he be the one?

The cold evening brings your mind back to the present moment, and you tug on your leather backed knit gloves to warm your hands. You smile and think to yourself, it’s going to be a fabulous Christmas. 

The above collage is inspired by day one from our Holiday Fashion shoot on the blog last week where we gave a nod to the 1940s fashion found in the movie, "A Christmas Story." Below are two of the photos from our shoot.

Photo: Nick Chao

Photo: Nick Chao