So Fresh and So Clean

La Fresh may sell moistened wipes, but these eco-friendly, 100 percent biodegradable cloths are a far cry from the slimy baby wipes I expected them to be. I was initially drawn to the company because of their Acetone-Free Nail Polish Remover Wipes, which, I’m happy to announce, are my long-awaited solution to the pervasive eco-nail polish remover dilemma. I’d found some great “green” nail polishes (like those from PeaceKeeper Cause-Metics, which I wrote about in a past post), but was hard-pressed to find a nail polish remover that wasn’t totally noxious. Thankfully, each La Fresh nail polish remover wipe easily cleans and conditions 10 nails without the nasty chemicals and their accompanying stink. In fact, believe it or not, they actually smell good.

But I stumbled upon a few other products from their eco-beauty line that I think are even handier. I keep a pack of the Healthy Hand Sanitizer Wipes at work for when my hands need a quick clean up. Not only do they kill 99 percent of germs, they do so without alcohol or other harsh components. Instead, they are packed with aloe, Vitamin E and other natural ingredients. I also stash several individual packets of the La Fresh Instant Body Soother, Waterproof Makeup Remover and Oil-Free Face Cleanser in my gym bag and car because, really, who knows when you’ll have mascara running down your cheeks or not enough time to shower after a workout? They come in handy surprisingly often, and I recommend any or all of these wipes for eco-minded jetsetters and busy gals always on the go.