Bathtub Bliss

Not long ago, I moved to a new place and it has a bathtub. For the first time in more than 11 years, I now have unlimited access to taking baths, and this is a treat. Finding the perfect bubble bath, however, took some searching. You can pick up any generic, waxy, artificial smelling bottle of suds at a local drugstore, but to settle into the finest bubbles and an aroma that will fill your home for hours, you have to do some research. After trying out several varieties, I discovered Tokyo Milk Bubble Bath, No. 12. With the scent of “Citrus Zest, Rosewood, Mimosa, and Mandarin,” this is a bubble bath worth the $25 price tag. It's sold both online and in Santa Cruz at Saffron and Genevieve. There’s nothing better, really, than settling into a bath, calming your mind, and letting your worries wash away.

Find Tokyo Milk Bubble Bath, No. 12 at Saffron and Genevieve, 901B Soquel Ave., Santa Cruz, 462-4506, or at