Why I Love Fiberwig Mascara

My beauty routine is basically driven by ease, comfort and convenience. Not necessarily in that order. I have never been one to wake up one or two hours early to style my hair or primp before work. I like to sleep in as much as possible. I’ll maybe use one hair product and I have a simple beauty routine that gets me out the door even if I’ve overslept. Consequently I’ve had a few people ask if I’m even wearing any makeup. Well yes, but only a few essentials. Two of them being a good eyelash curler and mascara.

I was perusing Sephora.com a while ago in need of a new mascara as my old drugstore standby had been discontinued, when I came across Fiberwig. Of course it sounded wonderful as all write-ups do when they’re trying to sell you something, but what caught my attention was the claim that it came off easily and completely with warm water. I didn’t know it was possible to remove mascara completely. I always had to wipe mercilessly with eye makeup remover then scrub with facial wash and still invariably wake up with dark smudges under my eyes. So I hit purchase and eagerly awaited this feat of engineering that would give me beauty and ease of clean up.  It arrived without fanfare in its plastic envelope and the next morning I opened the tube that changed my life forever. Yes, overly dramatic, but still. It kind of did. I’m trying not to get too carried away; it does not give the longest or fullest lashes. It doesn’t look like I’ve got fake lashes (which they’d like you to believe in their marketing campaign if you’ve seen it), or create the illusion that I’ve got wings on my eyes, nor would it cause a sensation on the street. It just extends what I’ve got with little fuss and clumping which is admirable but not earth-shattering. What it does that rocks my world is come off easily and completely just like promised. Yes, it’s a little strange at first to slowly run your fingers down the length of your lashes coming away with smallish clumps of black sludge that slip merrily down the drain. But I got used to that in a flash as it’s decreased my nighttime cleansing routine by several minutes and fits so perfectly into my overall beauty philosophy.