Hair Raising

As a hairstylist, the competition is fierce. You need mad skills that keep your clients coming back over and over again. Ginger Vaughn, a stylist with L'Atelier in downtown Santa Cruz is just one of those people. Her way with color particularly stands out. From time to time, Vaughn, who has been styling for the last 16 years, will be a guest blogger on The Penny Rose. She will offer up tips, trends and techniques on hair. I caught up with her and asked a few questions about what she loves about cutting, coloring and designing hair.

What's your speciality? 

My specality has to be color, it's why I originally fell in love with hair. I love the way it can totally transform a person—how they look and feel. 

You also have quite a bit of experience with wigs. 

When I was 21, I moved to Atlanta, Georgia and needed a job. It takes a while to transfer your license to a new state so while I was waiting I started working at Fifi Mahoney's, a wig and makeup shop in Little Five Points. Wigs were the only hair I could play with so I started to pick up on how to craft them into styles. There are synthetic wigs and real hair wigs and there's a big difference between the two. You can't use heat on synthetic so you have to wet set them to style them. It opened up a whole new world of styling.

What are the upcoming hair trends that you're noticing for spring 2012? 

Short bangs,  bouncy blown out long hair, homemade curls, reinvented updo's (new takes on the french twist, braids, and chignons). For color, baliage is all the rage and ombre is still in vogue.

What are hair trends that are definitely "out"? 

Severe changes in hair color, whether it be high or low lights, or color blocking with too contrasty of colors. Frosting with a cap. A-line bobs.

What are a few of your must-have hair products? 

An amazing deep conditioner, it's a must-have for maintaining your hair color. Kevin Murhpy Born Again is my favorite. Also, a dry shampoo—my favorite is Kevin Murphy Fresh Hair. It's a great way to "wash" and freshen your hair without getting it wet. Washing your hair less is so much better for it and this will help. It's also great for those times when you have slept in late and need to look great in a hurry.

In your free time, you're also a DJ.

I have been djing for the last 14 years. I played bass in bands before that. I have always loved music and dancing. Djing brings all these worlds together for me. There is no better feeling than playing a song that you are in love with. That moment is pure magic. 

Ginger Vaughn works as a stlyist at L'Atelier, 114 Pearl Alley, Santa Cruz,, (831) 423-4247.