Buddha Nose

I like my baths with a lot of stress-busting, Zen-inducing herbs, salts and essential oils. There’s nothing quite as relaxing as a piping hot soak in a tub that’s laden with lavender oil, muscle soothing salts and lots of flower buds. But, what’s left after the fact is anything but stress-free: a bathtub littered with soggy bits of flowers and herbs that require being plucked, one-by-one, from the tub walls. Not fun.

Thanks to the growing availability of organic herbal bath tea sachets, like those from Buddha Nose, I look forward to never having to do this tedious post-bath ritual again. Buddha Nose’s bath sachets (in blends like “Detox” and “Meditation”) are big, bulky and certified organic. Plop one into a drawn bath, and watch as the salts and powders (like dead sea salts and ginger root powder) dissolve and the solid ingredients (like white peony tea) stay put in the sachet.

The organic mind-body beauty brand also won me over with its Bodhi Sugar Scrub, which serves as an effective all-natural exfoliant for my face, neck and decollete. For The Penny Rose’s New York readers, the company participates in frequent Yoga Beauty Bars with other indie organic beauty companies, where curious customers can get mini-facials and massages and try out products. Find the next event here: theyogabeautybar.com.