Treat Your Inner Tween

There is something overpoweringly nostalgic about a familiar, pleasurable smell. A mere whiff of a magazine perfume ad, for example, transports me to the summer I was 13 years old, laying on the beach and flipping through every magazine known to womankind. This surely has a scientific explanation—something to do with olfactory glands and sensory memory—but all I know is that I was instantly swept away, again, to my pre-teen years when I tried out Treat’s Vanilla Buttercream Soft Candy Lip Scrub. The insanely sweet, sugary smell and taste is reminiscent of the flavored LipSmacker lip balms I drowned my lips in as a youngster. But, unlike the saccharine salves I used in yesteryear, the Treat concoction is just as well suited for women as it is for girls, and is all natural to boot. Made from organic sugar, shea butter, sweet almond oil and more natural goodness, the scrub works to buff, smooth, moisturize and plump lips. Just rub in for about one minute (during which you may experience the aforementioned time travel to simpler, sweeter times) and remove with a warm washcloth. Visit to learn more.