Garment Sewing


Scissors. Check. Sewing machine. Check. Pattern. Check. Excellent, skilled teacher. Check. For the last year, I've been taking sewing lessons at Judy's Sewing Center in Capitola (near Santa Cruz) where I've been studying with the owner, Judy, on Tuesday nights. Not long ago, I branched out and added Thursday night classes taught by Dresden Ericksen, a long-time master seamstress who attended fashion design school and has the chops to match her experience. At only $10 per class, Ericksen guides students in these three-hour weekly garment making classes. Note: To enroll, you need a good grasp on the basics of sewing.

With Ericksen at the helm, you'll learn how to create darts, zippers, buttons, button holes, tucks, setting in a sleeve, fitting a pattern to your body's own proportions and much more. She provides individualized instruction and the classroom provides a warm and friendly atmosphere. I've made several shirts so far in the class, and there's an extensive learning curve, but with Ericksen providing instruction, I have no doubt that with each class, my skills will continue to greatly improve. It's a steal for just $10 and some of the best sewing lessons you'll find in town.

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