Face Forward

I'm not one to endorse high-end, over-priced beauty products. It's not that I don't believe in their effectiveness, but rather that I have a hard time supporting the sticker shock these products induce in people. However, once in a while I can justify emptying the penny jar (you'll be surprised at how much you've saved), and splurging on something worthwhile. Here's the indulgence I suggest: Rodin Olio Lusso Luxury Face Oil. This stuff is really one of those miracle concoctions. I received a bottle of it from a very generous friend for my birthday and I've been wowed by its instant results. Chock full of essential oils, this elixir was formulated by celebrity stylist Linda Rodin (see image below). In an effort to provide intense hydration to the skin, she made small bottles of her potion and tried out celebrity friends as lab rats. They kept asking for more. Soon, the 60-something beauty bottled it up and now it's sold at places like Barney's. As for my results? I've been using it for a little over a week. The redness and peeling that I often get as a side-effect from my prescription retinoid has disappeared. In its place is a deeply hydrated epidermis and a glowing visage. I'll be squeezing out just two drops a day in a effort to conserve my luxury face oil. If you can save your change, there will be no better way to spend it.