Synergy Organic Clothing

One of the most eco-forward fashion hubs in Santa Cruz is experiencing some exciting growth. Synergy Organic Clothing, which is currently located on Walnut Street in downtown Santa Cruz, is opening two new locations in town: one at 1126 Soquel Ave. and the other at 1229 Pacific Ave. Both new stores are set to open within the next two weeks, and promise to be chock full of even more of the creative, organic, environmentally-friendly clothes the brand is known for. Co-owner Henry Schwab tells The Penny Rose that the Pacific Avenue location will have 10 “new or existing” eco lines from around the world, plus more men’s and children’s offerings. The Soquel Avenue spot will be akin to an outlet, complete with plenty of deals.  "Synergy is in full growth mode and we are very happy and blessed," Schwab says. 

As a passionate eco-beauty propagator, I see it as a victory each time a business that does good for the Earth (as well as our fashion sense, in Synergy’s case) is rewarded by consumers and spurred to growth. The Synergy line began in 1993, when designer and co-owner Kate Fisher began crafting her earth-friendly fashions using sustainably grown and acquired organic materials, non-toxic dyes, and so on. In addition to the original Santa Cruz location, which opened a few years ago, Synergy clothes are now found in more than 300 stores across the country, and at online shopping havens like Fisher’s trademark design—clean, elegant cuts with simple, hand-stitched appliqué details or water-based screen prints—have obviously struck a chord with shoppers. 

Synergy's best-selling items are the Peacock and Poppy dresses. Some of my personal favorites are pictured here, and can be found on Synergy's website,