Are You Using Protection?


Suit Up


I can see the dazzling Pacific Ocean from my beach bungalow. With the view also comes a parade of sunbathers on their way to spend hours playing in the water and roasting in the sun. Many of them will go home looking like tomatoes, having enjoyed their sun-filled day, but without protecting their skin. Here are some suggestions for how to stay stylish in the sun and use protection while you're at it.

This adorable retro/vintage-looking bikini from ModCloth will give you a natural tummy tuck while still letting you flaunt your curves. I have these black cobweb-style plastic shoes from Melissa which are easy to tuck into a beach bag and are comfy to walk in. (They're a great alternative to lazy-looking flip flops.) A sunhat is essential so pick a charming one like this straw version with a black fabric band from Pale pink sunglasses will increase your glamour factor. And finally, coat your face with Kate Somerville's high-end sunscreen. (Or, if you're on a budget, try any variety from Neutrogena.) 

Here's a tip: Before you even put on your bathing suit, lather up from head to toe in a powerful SPF. If you're the type who prefers a burst of color, Kate Somerville offers excellent self-tanning towelettes that won't leave anyone asking, "Orange you glad you got a tan?" This summer, use protection—and stay fashionable while you're at it.