Ageless Skin


I opened my email not long ago and there was a sweet note from my 24-year-old sister-in-law. She wanted to know my "secret" for ageless skin. After this remarkable self-esteem boost, I sent her back a humble note to share my "secret" for keeping wrinkles at bay (without the use of Botox or fillers). The answer? Tazorac. This high performance retinoid (doctor prescribed) is a miracle in a tube. 

Nine years ago, at the height of my adult acne woes, I made a dermatologist appointment. My doctor gave me a prescription for .1 percent cream Tazorac and told me to spread a pea size amount on my entire face every night. He explained that over time my acne would disappear, my acne scars would eventually diminish and the bonus was that the aging process would slow down considerably. At the time, I wasn't concerned with aging. But now, nine years later, I am. And as a result, I'm thoroughly impressed with the effectiveness of Tazorac. The product not only clears out pores (thus removing acne and preventing it from further showing up), but it also sloughs off dead skin and increases collagen. The result: Ageless skin and no more acne.