Beauty on Board

I've logged a lot of frequent flier miles in the past few months, both for work and for pleasure. San Francisco to New York, LA to London, London to Marrakech, and the list goes on. The flights all sort of blend together in my mind’s eye as one uncomfortable situation of having to pee, but being trapped in the window seat with two sleeping seat mates, a constant inner struggle of waiting and wishing them awake or waking them up. The dry skin, often meal-less flights take a toll, so there are a few items that are essential to my in-flight well-being. (I know it’s been done in every fashion magazine on the planet, this what to carry in my travel bag business, but here are my very simple must-haves to help you travel pretty and sanely.) Lip balm: I’m in the middle of a lip balm crisis where my pout has become allergic to the brand I’ve used religiously for at least seven years. What’s a lip balm addicted girl to do? Right now I’m using a natural brand called EOS. Though the balm comes in a strange, egg shaped container, it is soothing and hydrating, and keeps your lips slick on a long flight.

Hand lotion: Airlines are notoriously known for dry air, and my favorite dry skin buster is Kiehl’s Ultimate Strength Hand Salve. It makes your hands feel velvety smooth, and it’s not a tad greasy.

Kindle: Best book I’ve read lately? "Cutting for Stone" by Abraham Verghese. Trust me, it’s amazing. I cried when it ended because I didn’t want it to end.

Water: Essential for a happy flight. Bring your own bottle or the stewardesses will start to loathe you. Inflatable neck pillow: So your head doesn’t loll onto the person next to you, a neck pillow is essential!