In My Cabinet


In My Cabinet


1. Mario Badescu Strawberry Face Scrub. 2. Mario Badescu Azulene Calming Mask. 3. Kate Somerville EradiKate. 4. Clarisonic. 5. Mario Badescu Oil Free Moisturizer SPF 30. 6. Mario Badescu Glycolic Eye Cream. 7. Sephora Purifying Brush Shampoo

Like most people, the medicine cabinet in my bathroom is a wretched mess (see the image below). And while it would certainly behoove me to give it a makeover, what's really most important is what's inside. I've featured several of my must-have beauty items in the collage above.

There's the Clarisonic brush which I've written about before here. It's a costly but really effective way to exfoliate your skin, and absolutely worth the investment. 

As you can see, I use a slew of Mario Badescu products, which I adore for their low price points and instant results. I use the Strawberry Face Scrub every other day and it lightly scrubs off any flaky skin and leaves a fresh glow. Likewise, the Azulene Calming Mask is great whenever my skin is in a sensitive phase—whether it's a few pimples, redness, whatever, this mask genuinely calms the skin instantly. My moisturizer above is reasonably priced and packed with SPF 30. It's also oil-free, which is great for a girl with acne-prone skin. And finally, the Mario Badescu Glycolic Eye Cream is my favorite (and I've tried dozens of brands). It's simple, affordable, and seems to have made a significant difference in minimizing fine lines around my eyes. 

Whenever a pimple shows up, I use this acne spot treatment from Kate Somerville, which has salicylic acid in its ingredients—a powerful and effective way to downsize blemishes in a flash. 

But what good is all of this if I'm not cleaning my makeup brushes regularly? I think this is one thing that some of us often forget to do, but it's vital. If you don't clean your brushes, bacteria builds up, which can really mess with your skin. This is an inexpensive makeup brush shampoo from Sephora that I've found works perfectly.

Now, it's time to spruce up this cabinet.