One Love

With all the traveling that I do for work, packing light is essential to my sanity. One of my favorite beauty items is so filled with multitasking magnificence, that my makeup bag consists primarily of it! Have you guessed what it is? Why, the NARS Multiple of course. This tube of creamy color can be used on eyes, lips and cheeks to attain fresh faced perfection. Nearly a dozen lovely colors beckon and I always want to buy them all, but that would defeat the minimalist reasons I buy it in the first place. However, the creamy quality of the multiple lends itself to buying one in every color, and if your home consists of more than a suitcase, by all means! However, if you must choose only one, may I recommend the cheekily named "Orgasm." This pinky bronze is known to look so good on every skin tone, it was chosen to be placed in the goody bags for celebs at the Oscars, and is constantly touted in beauty mag awards issues. I can tell you from personal experience that the Multiple in Orgasm is the most versatile makeup product I have ever owned; it and a tube of mascara are often the only occupants in my makeup bag no matter where I am in the world. The Multiple may not solve the Euro Crisis or end world hunger, but it can create a small miracle in your own life by making you a more sane, less harried individual ... at least where makeup is concerned.