Who You Calling a Hasbeen?

I'm in love with Swedish Hasbeens. I don't know about the name, though. They seem completely current and relevant to me. I get that they are referencing the '70s vibe that influences their aesthetic, but all of their styles work perfectly with a modern wardrobe. And they seem to be able to hit a homerun every season. Last fall I coveted these black boots. I'd see them on just enough cool women in the neighborhood for me to leave them on my wish list. They weren't oversaturated in the market yet and they go with everything autumnal that you'd wear: skinny jeans, short skirts with tights, oversized sweaters and leggings.

New season, new styles and they have some great sandals. The heavy heel maybe seem a little restricting for summer looks but no, it perfectly balances the floaty dresses, short skirts, skinny jeans and wide leg trousers that are everyone's summer staples. So you don't wear them to the beach, not that you couldn't, but that's about the only place I can imagine you wouldn't.