Fit For A Duchess

Glance at any magazine in the supermarket check out lane and you are guaranteed to spot “it” royal Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, gracing one of the myriad covers. Whether she’s caught smiling shyly at Prince William, or waving demurely from under another exquisite fascinator, what really stands out are her long and lustrous locks. In an entire tabloid article recently devoted to said hair, I read that she alone is not responsible for its constant glossy perfection, but that she receives a blow out from a posh salon in London every three days. Immediately feeling hair envy coming on, I Googled my own posh salon in San Francisco in which to get the royal treatment and came across Joseph Cozza. This 15-year-old establishment is located downtown near Union Square on swanky Maiden Lane. Nestled amidst the likes of Chanel and Tory Burch, the location resembles a 5th Avenue knockoff.

Upon entering the salon and slipping on the silky brown robe, I already felt like a more polished version of myself. All the latest magazines beckoned, and a friendly employee with what can only be described as a contrived English accent offered me organic tea. No sooner was I snuggled up with the latest Vogue than my stylist whisked me away to her chair where she proceeded to work magic on my own head. I explained that I am lazy when it comes to hair, barely ever heat styling and wearing it up more often than not. She took this all in stride and proceeded to craft a cut that would work for my laid back lifestyle. An hour later, my hair was shiny and bouncy in the way it only ever is after a visit to a salon. It’s been two days and the cut seems superb−easy to style sans time just as my stylist promised it would be. My hair may not possess the chestnut luster of the Duchess’, but then again, I didn’t have to spend the crown jewels to get it.

Hair services begin at $75. Visit