Blogger Inspiration

The Penny Rose sparked to life just a little more than three months ago. And while the blog is new, it's certainly thriving. As a long-time journalist, entering the world of professional blogging has been a new venture in my writing career. Along the way, over the last few months, I've been turning to a number of resources to get inspired, generate new content ideas, and become familiarized with the fashion, style and beauty blogging world. 

What does that have to do with you? A lot, hopefully. In my blogging journey, I've found some great things that can boost any writer, blogger, or fahionista's inspiration. The three books shown above are new finds for me, and they're excellent for anyone who's trying to start a small creative business. Written by Meg Mateo Ilasco, a well-known Bay Area designer, these books take the creative woman on an easy to follow, step-by-step program to launching her company, finding her niche, and all the other overwhelming details. Her new book, "Mom, Inc." is especially geared toward moms trying to find a balance between launching their own small business and managing their families (it's co-authored by Cat Seto). "Creative, Inc." is co-written by Joy Cho, the popular blogger of Oh Joy!, and this fall, Cho and Ilasco will release another new title, "Blog, Inc." about how to make a living as a blogger. A must-read for sure. 

Of course, I also look over about 25 RSS feeds per day, checking out style blogs like Cupcakes and Cashmere, Atlantic-Pacific, Fashion Zen, The Sartorialist, My Style Pill and a whole bunch more.

And finally, there's no better way for a person interested in fashion and writing to find inspiration than simply to page through our leading fashion magazines. I try to read every major title each month.

Where do you find your fashion inspiration?