Teeing Off

It can be hard to decide between comfort and looking good when it comes to getting dressed some days. Personally, I love feminine fashion and putting in that little extra effort, but some days just call for something a bit more casual. That’s why I’ve come to adore the T-shirt, and consider it one of those essential closet items. That being said, it’s really all about finding the right one.

I‘ve always loathed the typical T-shirt with an uncomfortably high collar and no shape, which can be found at any baseball game. I’m talking about soft, comfy feminine tees. I’ve found that a perfectly fitted tee can be styled to go with so many ensembles. Because Santa Cruz summers are anything but ordinary, and are rarely warm all day long, a super-soft tee is perfect for fog or shine.

How to wear and style the feminine tee:

On your day off: With skinny jeans. Add a lightweight scarf for a burst of color. 

To work: Tucked into a skirt. Pair with a bold necklace to make a statement.

To a meeting or out for a drink: With a blazer and a stack of bracelets.

Where to buy: Cameron Marks on the Westside of Santa Cruz sells Fluxus T-shirts in a variety of colors, with soft fabric that doesn't pill; prices start at $38. Owner Vanessa Ambrose says she also recently brought in new print T-shirts from an independent company called Love Nail Tree. Market T-shirts are fantastic, too, and can be found locally at Stripe in downtown Santa Cruz. For something a bit more inexpensive try Gap, Target or American Apparel. StyleMint is a great option, too. Spearheaded by the Olsen twins, StyleMint operates like a subscription. You become a member and for $29.99 every month, you get a new, stylish T-shirt of your choosing from a fashionable selection.