Nuala Leather

Time, meet style. Style, meet time. Many of us can't make it through the day without our trusty and most important accessory—a watch. For years, I wore a watch that wasn't particularly stylish, but it was my go-to piece to keep an eye on the clock. Then, I upgraded to an adorable timepiece with a thin, black wristband. But, I was still looking for something that was versatile—a statement piece, stylish, and yet, of course, it could tell the time. That's when I tracked down Terry McInerney of Nuala Leather

McInerney is a mom of two small children, and she's a craftswoman in Santa Cruz, Calif. She specializes in constructing gorgeous, classic, hard-working leather purses, totes, wallets and much more. Her work is sold at Stripe in downtown Santa Cruz and also on her Etsy store

Personally, I own a Nuala brown watch that ages beautifully with time. I also have one of her clutches in an off-white color, perfect for a summer wedding. Next on my wishlist? One of her timeless bags featured below and here

"I love working with leather  because of it's beauty and functionality," McInerney says. "Each piece of leather is unique, and just looking at its shape and color can inspire designs that are new and original to one specific piece of leather."

Note: The items on her Etsy shop are only a selection of what McInerney can create. Watches can be commissioned for $45, and she can make cuffs, purses, and more, all detailed for your personal taste.

Check out her work here at