Moonrise Kingdom

Moonrise Kingdom Fever

               Radio / Binoculars / Shoes / Fishing Creel / Dress / Brooch / Eyeliner /

 Eyeshadow / Cape / Luggage / Socks / Beret / Map

For those of you who haven’t seen "Moonrise Kingdom" yet don’t worrythis is not a spoiler post. Instead, think of it as preparation for the amount of stylistic wonders you will enjoy when you do go see it. As for those of you who have seen it, now you can turn your life into a beautiful, quirky, rosy-colored Wes Anderson film. Okay maybe not your life, but definitely your wardrobe.

The outfits and colors in this movie are remarkable. I’d love to create a style board for every character in this movie because I think they all have elements that could influence a modern girl’s style, but, alas, for this, I am focusing solely on Suzy. She's old school—knee highs, a collared dress, a cape jacket and saddle shoesall the factors of classic '60s cool. She elevates it a level by adding blindingly blue eye shadow, inky black eyeliner and real beetle earrings. 

So where do you fit in?

Her style is awesome, but (and we must keep this in mind) she’s 12. Twelve. And so my friends, please find an updated version of her outfit and accessories for a grown-up gal pining to capture the style of this “classic” film. The creel remains the same, as it is forever ageless.