From Paris With Love

I’ve now been in Paris for two-and-a-half weeks and have completely fallen in love with all that this culture has to offer—especially when it comes to fashion. Paris, New York and Milan are undeniably the most fashionable cities of the world. And while each have declared great style their own, fashion is truly at the heart of the Parisian lifestyle. One of my favorite activities is observing street style as I walk through this magnificently beautiful city. During a quick ride on the Metro, or a stop at a café for a croissant and people watching, one can quickly see this city knows about trendsetting. From the well-dressed businessmen, to the true fashionistas, Paris does everything with style.

While Santa Cruz has its own sense of individual style, we don’t all spend our lives or paychecks reading and mirroring the looks we see in Vogue. That’s why I’m going to tell you about the top five trends I’ve spotted during my short stay in this fashion-forward city, for you to incorporate into your California summer style.

  1. Skinny jeans—as we all know, the skinnier the jean, the more trendy these days. In Paris this statement couldn’t be more true. It’s rare to see anything but skinny jeans of all colors and styles on the long legged Parisians.
  2. Flats—while many brave women do face the cobble stone streets in sky-high heels, on a daily basis most women sport a fun trendy flat for a day of walking between work and the café. I’ve spotted stylish strappy sandals, ankle boots and ballet flats, paired with skinny jeans and a dynamite blazer for a stylish, yet easy to put together look.
  3. Studs—studded jackets, shoes and even purses are far from punk rock this season. Edgy is in, especially paired with some soft and feminine pieces to balance out the look.
  4. Top knot—many French women have big, bold hair, but more often than not, the daily do is a fun and stylish bun, pulled high and tight on the top of the head. I look forward to trying this look at home. Hint: a sock bun.
  5. Blazer—of course, we all love a great fitting blazer for an important meeting, but the French love to pair them with skinny jeans and a trendy pair of flats for an everyday look.

And to complete the look, don’t forget your box of colorful macaroons and a baguette.

Image via tumblr.