A Transformer

I’ve found that generally, clothes that are meant for travel have labels that scream the names of strange, unpronounceable fabrics and although they may emerge from your suitcase wrinkle free, they are style free as well. Not so with the gorgeous Transformer dress from Von Vonni. I found this gem of a dress while reading through the New York Times travel section. An article sharing a Silicon Valley executive's travel tips had Krista Canfield, a senior manager at LinkedIn, waxing rhapsodic about the benefits of traveling with this glamorous, slinky dress that—true to its name—can be transformed into 25 different styles. I had to learn more.

When I clicked through to the Von Vonni website I was in dress heaven. I watched the tutorial video and found the dress can be worn strapless, one shouldered, v-necked, dolman sleeved, ad nauseam, and also found that the dress comes in a kaleidoscopic array of stunning colors—flamingo pink, cobalt blue, lime green—I was hooked. The $120 dress was originally designed by Von Vonni as a school project when he was studying fashion at FIT in New York. The dress was not designed exclusively for travel, but it seems to be the answer to packing light as it would do just as well for dinner on the Champs Elysees as it would in a fruit market in Vietnam.

A wallet-friendly dress that morphs to fit your mood, and one that is soft as your favorite T-shirt at that? Looks like my suitcase just got a whole lot lighter.  

Get yours at vonvonni.com.