Trend Watch: Summer Hair Styles

With August on the horizon, it seems like summer is fading fast. But lucky for us, the best summer months in Santa Cruz are yet to come. So why not go out with a bang by trying some of these colorful, funky hairstyles? A bit daring if I say so myself, but why not live on the edge a little, especially during the carefree days of summer.

Colorful Streaks

Last summer was all about feathers in the hair. That trend disappeared fast, to be replaced by colorful streaks of hair. In a very rare moment I found to watch TV the other evening, I was informed that this is the hottest hair trend of the summer. While adding streaks of color to your hair might seem a bit high school, this look, when done tastefully, is surprisingly chic and fun. It can be done using hair chalk, or for longer results, you can have the streaks put in for you at your favorite local salon.


In high school I had ombre hair unintentionally due to a bad dye job, little did I know it would actually be trendy years later. Don’t have time to retouch your roots? No problem! It’s all about ombre hair this summer, and I think if you can pull it off, the look is quite fun. There are many variations of this look, from natural to full-blown color. The trick is getting a great dye job that blends the color seamlessly, leaving the most playful colors for the ends of your hair. I love Drew Barrymore’s subtle summer ombre pictured here.

Beachy Hair

If color isn’t your thing, tousled waves, long braids and scarves are great summer go-to styles. For beachy waves, go to your local beauty supply and purchase a texturizing spray. Spritz through damp hair and scrunch with your fingers. For a wallet-friendly trick, if the real salty sea isn’t too far from home, grab an empty spray bottle and fill with ocean water to get that beach day hair look. You can also get a less salty version of this look by curling your hair on a large-barreled curling iron. Divide hair into one to two inch pieces, and curl away from the face, finishing with a few sprays of your favorite hairspray to keep in place. Run your fingers through to separate the curls, and you’re ready for a perfect summer evening.

Images via Pinterest