Smooth Skin

The best way I can describe this coconut body oil is, delicious. The smell alone fits the descriptor but it's also the consistency and absorption. It's luxury for a tiny fraction of what you'd usually pay for luxury. Made in Tahiti since the '40s, I've been using the most common scent, Tiare, which has the amazing tropical smell of gardenia. I want to try the other scents as well: Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang, Vanilla. They even have unscented for purists. My journey to Tahiti via this body oil started a while back during a lengthy New York winter where I longed for a tropical getaway that wasn't going to happen. I wanted to feel pampered and surrounded by warm sand and sun.

It did wonders for my dry winter skin and I love how it smooths on and soaks in so quickly. My skin glows and although the scent seems strong at first, it fades to the background quickly. Recently I used it on my hair after an unfortunate incident with a bad drugstore shampoo and conditioner duo left me with ultra dried out locks. In desperation I liberally applied some of the oil in order to regain some lost hydration and was pleased with the results. And I know many people use this for sunbathing but as it has no SPF as a proponent of daily sunscreen, I wouldn't head to the beach with it. But if you want a break from your daily grind and to be transported to the islands, if only for a few moments, this is your bottle of magic. It sells for only $6 or $7.