Dig In

With summer in full swing, everyone's moving outdoors. And while expressing yourself through beauty and fashion is at the heart of this blog, I think it can be great fun to also turn to designing and decorating your external environment. Right now I'm having a thing for vertical gardens, succulents, and urban-inspired outdoor design work. Take this Woolly Pocket (above). It's a great way to insert a garden into a small space. This type of thing is sold at DIG, a remarkable gardening oasis in downtown Santa Cruz. This roomy store and outside area offer a vast selection of one-of-a-kind offerings: succulents are dropped into shells, inspired terrariums, bold-colored/modern outdoor furniture and much more. Even for someone who's never gardened before, this store will bring out your green thumb.

It's helmed by husband and wife team, Cara and Will Meyers, who graduated from Cabrillo College's horticulture program more than 10 years ago. They've been working in and designing gardens ever since then, and they also own Hidden Gardens Nursery in Aptos. 

"You won't find petunias at DIG," says Cara, who notes that DIG's aesthetic is, "a mix of natural and contemporary styles, full of unique, hard to find selections of plants and succulents and cool houseplants."

Learn more at Diggardensnursery.com.