Perfect Hair, Perfect Life?

Sometimes I think my life would be perfect if only I had better hair. Not only is my hair the dull, mousy brown synonymous with those of us of mixed European heritage, but it is fine, frizzy and wavy. Who knew such a dreadful combination was even possible? If only my hair was thicker, longer and shinier, I tell myself, I would be happier! I would look like Giselle! Ryan Gosling would fall in love with me! But alas, I wake up daily with my dingy tangled locks and trudge throughout the day, supremely envious of the straight, thick and shiny tresses sported by the women surrounding me in my adopted home of South Korea. Such is my daily routine of hair-loathing, until last week. I had received a mass of samples in a recently placed Sephora order, and decided to give something called Ojon Instant Restorative Hair Serum a try.

The tiny vial, containing the oil of ojon nuts harvested by the Miskito people of Central America, claimed that it would help strengthen weak hair against breakage, tame frizz and help restore brilliant shine, softness and manageability to dull and damaged hair ... a miracle in a bottle if ever there was one. Wary of hair products that over-promise and under deliver, I didn't really expect much. But I followed the directions anyway and rubbed a few drops on my towel dried hair. Then, a marvelous thing happened. As my hair dried, it seemed to be softer than normal.

I ran to look in the mirror. Could it be that the frizz had diminished? It felt too good to be true, but my hair did look shinier—there was no denying it. As I went about my day, I could feel the sun reflecting off my newly glossy mane and a certain spring appeared in my step each time I spotted my reflection in a shop window. I've been using the oil for a week now, and my hair seems to soften with every use. I realize that my hair is no thicker or longer, I still look like myself, and I have received no marriage proposal, but I am indeed a little happier knowing that at least my locks are ultra-shiny. Looks like this oil can work miracles after all.