Eco Beauty Bridesmaid: Part II

As the mid-August wedding in which I am a bridesmaid approaches, I have had to reckon with the fact that my legs will simply not be tan in time. (OK, truth is that they’ll never be tan—at least not in the beautiful, deep-bronzed way I yearn for during the summer.) Come wedding day, my legs will be out there for all to see and captured in photo after photo. So what is a green (read: no tanning beds or chemical-laden spray tans) girl to do? Enter MyChelle Dermaceuticals’ Del Sol Sunless Tanner ($13.39 for a 2.3-ounce tube, I haven’t dabbled with self-tanners since I was a teenager, when a few orange, streaked limbs led me to swear off the stuff. Luckily my desperation overcame this old wariness, because MyChelle’s natural, vegan, gentle tanning lotion is amazing. There is really no other word for it. It went on smooth and streak-free, resulted in a deep, natural-looking tan, and lasted for three or four days. The ingredients rely on several plant-based “bioactives,” mainly natural sugars from beets, sugar cane and other plants, which do some fancy science on your skin to make the tan appear. A few tricks I tried that helped: apply the self-tanner after you’ve showered, exfoliated and shaved. Re-apply later that day or the next day to get an even darker shade. It faded away without any awkward discoloration or patchiness, and—most importantly—didn’t look at all orange (my informal survey of friends confirmed this). I’ll definitely be slathering this on a day or two before the wedding. In the meantime, it’s become my new summer beauty secret.