Feeling Cheeky




By Ellie

For day to day I tend to prefer the natural look. I appreciate all the colors and tools that are at our disposal to create an image these days, but in the end for daily application I like to look like me, only revved up a notch. So I use Pixi Sheer Cheek Gel for my blush because it's sheer and winds up looking like me, only a little happier, rosier, prettier. It's also incredibly easy to apply with my fingertips. I just dot a small amount on the apples of my cheeks and it rubs in effortlessly without the strange lines or edges that powder blush can give you. I'm fair but I use the darkest one they offer, "Flushed"; that's how sheer and natural it is. I admit to a slight bit of sticker shock when I first purchased it at Target for $18. But it lasts (seemingly) forever so the cost to daily use ratio winds up in my favor. It's a keeper in my daily routine, maybe it can be part of yours, too.