Skirts Over Dresses

In the past week I’ve randomly stumbled across three different photos of people in dresses with skirts over them. And while it may seem like a strange way to wear your clothes, all the looks were stunning and stylish. While this trend was hot on the runways and on the streets of fashion week a few months ago, it seems to have finally trickled down to real life. However, I do believe this trend requires thoughtful styling, as it can easily turn into a giant, clashing mess.

Here are some tips for trying it yourself.

  1. Choose a dress that isn’t too bulky. The last thing you want is bulging in certain areas. 
  2. Play around with skirts. A high-waisted, fitted, pencil skirt that hits slightly above the knees looks great over a fitted dress. For a peplum look, try a short flared skirt over a fitted dress. Or, match a full skirt with a dress with a full bottom for added volume.
  3. Let the dress stick out at the bottom. This can be as little or as much as you like, but I tend to think about five inches is best. 
  4. Add a belt. This will really help make the outfit complete.
  5. For your skirt, pick a color that complements your outfit. Add a solid skirt over a printed dress or vice versa. If you do dare to mix prints, choose wisely.

Looks like our tops aren’t going to be the only ones getting layered this fall.

Photo credits: Diane Kruger, Paris Fashion Week, Brandie Raasch Photography for