Bee Lovely

On the hunt for new beauty products as always, I happened to stumble upon a delightful line called Beecology. Thanks to my skin-care obsessed sister (whom I admit has a glowing complexion and will look years younger than me for life due to her strict no-sun policy) I have become increasingly aware of what exactly my beauty products contain. What is octinoxate exactly? So, I was happy when I read that Beecology products are based around all-natural ingredients including coffee, olive oil, oatmeal and of course honey and beeswax. I immediately decided to give a few of the products a shot.

I’m a lip balm addict, so naturally I was drawn to Beecology’s Buzz Balm lip balm. Tingly with peppermint oil and soothing with small batch beeswax, acai oil, shea butter and cupuacu butter, I find myself constantly reaching for this tube—but not in the it-makes-my lips-dependent kind of way. It simply moistures without the fussiness of some lip balms, and the scent of peppermint makes me feel all Christmas-y inside. Who doesn’t like that?

Another item I must praise is the Honey Oatmeal Morning Peppermint Soap. Again, with the scent of candy canes, the soap smells divine, and the tiny oat nubs exfoliate and even feel like a mini massage against my skin as I lather up. Although I did find the soap to become particularly mushy if accidentally left in a watery soap dish, that problem is a small price to pay for soap as lovely as this Beecology specimen.

Based out of Ohio, the products are all available online. And the cherry on top? For each product purchased, Beecology will donate 10 percent to a charity of your choice. Move over Burt’s, Beecology is the new buzz in town. 

Photo: Leslie Patrick