DIY Stylish Scarf


See the stylish, vintage-inspired scarves featured here? They are a cinch to make and my sewing teacher at Judy's Sewing Center has provided the instructions for making one of these scarves in under 30 minutes. All of the three designs are Modcloth originals—Bow to Stern Scarves. You can choose your own fabric at a sewing store and create your own vintage-inspired scarf. Tie it in a bow around your neck, wrap it up like a headband, there are myriad stylish options. 


A strip of lightweight fabric. Try silk, rayon, or polyester

A serger

Fray Check (this seals the ends after the scarf is finished)


Cut the fabric 7-inches wide by 63-inches long

Cut each end of the fabric on a 45-degree angle

Use a three-thread narrow hem on your serger

Serge around the entire scarf

Fray check the ends