The Be-All End-All Carry-All

On a quick trip to Paris last fall, it wasn’t the Louvre or the Eiffel Tower that most captivated my senses, but the street fashion. I was entranced by the way Parisian girls have that flair of looking casual, yet completely pulled together, no matter what they seemed to be wearing. I watched them intently, like some kind of urban anthropologist on the trail of fashionable clues. What did my intense sleuthing uncover? Many of the most stylish of these women, it seemed, had one common denominator—a Longchamp Le Pliage tote bag adorning their shoulders. The brand’s most ubiquitous style, the Le Pliage tote, has become a classic around the world, and I’ve seen them sported in cities from Seoul to San Francisco, Portland to Prague. Once I made my discovery, I bee lined for the Longchamp Boutique and purchased a bag in basic black with brown leather handles. Parisian chic achieved!

Since that day, my Longchamp bag has served me ever so well, being my constant travel companion through 12 airports, nine countries and four continents. It’s lugged guidebooks and bottled water, sweaters and souvenirs, and no matter what I’m wearing—whether it be a sundress in Honolulu or harem pants in Morocco—this bag adds an instant touch of Parisian class. I love it as a travel bag. I love it as a purse. In short, I could not ask for a better bag.