Falling for Leopard


Flats / Blouse / iPhone Case / Infinity Scarf

When I was 13, I was obsessed with everything leopard print. This Fall I can officially say that my love for animal prints is definitely back, and I can’t get enough. When flipping through the pages of Vogue’s September issue last week, there was no shortage of fun animal prints that caught my eye. It’s time to bring out your wild side, because animal prints are definitely back and on trend. I recently purchased a Michael Kors cheetah print case for my iPhone and it’s been the perfect accessory for every outing.

The key to rocking your wild side is to wear just one printed piece, whether it be a skirt, pants, shirt or bag, and finish off the outfit with a complimentary color. Try leopard print oxfords with red, ankle-length skinny jeans. Or, pair a cheetah print top with a solid black piece on the bottom (or vice versa) and finish it off with gold accessories.