Lash Extensions

Unfortunately, I was born with average eyelashes. Every morning I pile on mascara to darken and thicken them, then punch up my eye makeup with a thin smudge of dark eyeliner and a neutral shadow. The look? Just fine, but my eyes could use some oomph. Recently, I heard about lash extensions and throught they might be the beauty secret that I was after. So, I tried them out at L'Atelier Spa, an organic, green, vegan, gorgeous spa in Santa Cruz. L'Atelier's version of lashes are PETA-approved and applied with a non-toxic, medical-grade adhesive.

There are four levels of lashes, going from a very natural look to a full blown bombshell look. Usually one for understatement, I decided to try something new and went for the third tier of lashes, "The Classic Beauty." My cosmetologist spent about an hour applying the lashes (with my eyes closed during the entire time). After the application, I opened up my eyes and I was instantly impressed, so much so that I have to admit I had a major shot of self-esteem that's continued to last during the two weeks following my appointment. The above clockwise images document my before and after lashes.

Since then, I've gone without mascara or eye makeup and have felt completely confident. The lash extensions have simply accentuated my eyes in a natural way, while doing away with the time spent on jazzing up my eyes every morning. Maintain the look with lash fills every few weeks. (Eyelashes naturally shed.) There aren't many beauty treatments that I get fully behind, but having lash extensions has been truly eye-opening. 

Lash Extensions, L'Atelier Spa, 304 Lincoln St., Santa Cruz,, (831) 469-7546. The spa also offers myriad green beauty treatments including an express manicure which I recently tried out, too. The perks—a non-toxic, clean, safe manicure for the speedy woman-on-the-go in a classy, sweet space.