Lauren Moffatt—Fall 2012

Lauren Moffatt is my new favorite designer. With timeless, stylish, bold garments, her pieces are versatile and last much longer than just one season. I found the above three pieces at Cameron Marks, a boutique in Santa Cruz. All of these finds sell for more than $200, but the fit of each piece is exquisite. It's hard to decide which one is my favorite. The colorful, geometric shirt on the left is gorgeous and can be paired simply with a pair of jeans. It's a sweet statement piece and doesn't require any accessories. Likewise, the pink/blue shirt on the right has a sophisiticated flair with its gold buttons and figure-flattering shape. You can wear it several ways—tuck it in, leave it loose and untucked, or bunch it just slightly at the waist for an entirely different approach. The stunning gray coat is a one-of-a-kind treasure. Moffatt just showed her spring looks at New York Fashion Week and next season looks equally beautiful. 
Lauren Moffatt is sold at Cameron Marks, 402 Ingalls St., No. 7, Santa Cruz, (831) 458-3081,