Fall Fashion—Stripe

Photo: Nick Chao
Jeans: Level 99 (Chloe), $108 / Shirt: Taylor Stitch, $122 / Belt: Leatherman, $68  

On day two of Santa Cruz Fashion Week, we feature looks from Stripe, a timeless, classic boutique in downtown Santa Cruz, Calif.

The Looks: The above denim on denim look is very on-trend and has a flirty, '70s vibe, but it's modernized with bold, vintage earrings and a sweet statement necklace by Ax + Apple Luxor. Level 99 jeans are flattering on all body types, so it's safe to tuck in that shirt and show off your figure. Pair with a vibrant purse that will hold your essentials and insert a pop of color into this single-hued outfit. Chunky rings and a cool black belt by Leatherman complete the look. 

Below is a gorgeous dress by Santa Cruz designer Sally Esposito, who spends countless hours hand-crafting every frock she sells at Stripe. The mint shade and feminine silhouette are very Fall 2012, and both the color and the fit will flatter many women. Be bold and try two different earrings, and while you're at it, layer your necklaces for a modern take on this classic look. And, of course, pair with a red lip from Jane Iredale (found at L'Atelier in Santa Cruz), neutral eyes, and hit the cheekbones with just a touch of blush. 

The Store: Stripe opened its doors in March of 2009 in downtown Santa Cruz and has been a popular destination every since. (Earlier this year, Stripe opened a men's storefront.) Owners Suna Lock and Dana Norrell have created a highly curated space that sells a mix of new and vintage items. Visually, Stripe is a striking and stimulating store, offering long-lasting, timeless clothing. A quick interview with co-owner Dana Norrell is below.

Photo: Nick Chao 
Earrings: Vintage, $48 / Necklace: Ax + Apple Luxor, $178

Photo: Nick Chao 
Purse: Manos Zapotecas, $98 / Rings: Baghsu, $98, $122

If a shopper at your store should invest in one fall piece, what should it be? 
A pair of Maguba clogs. They're a great way to dress up your fall wardrobe. They're the perfect addition to any outfit worn with socks, tights or alone, and they look great with pants, skirts and dresses.

What key styles were you looking for when you bought items for the fall? 
We always look for current items, but they must be classic enough to hold their own in your wardrobe for years to come. 

Is your store influenced by trends? 
Not especially. We definitely follow all of the current trends and colors, but we aim our buying at a more classic approach. We don't want you to invest in something that will go out of style in a few weeks. 

In three words, describe the style of the clothing in your store. 
Simple, classic, timeless.

Photo: Nick Chao 
Dress: Sally Esposito, $240 / Earrings: Ax + Apple, $86 / Bracelet: Ax + Apple, $120 / Dagger Necklace: Ax + Apple, $108 / Bullet Necklace: Mary Anderson, $60 / Ring: Julie Nolan, $108 / Chain Bracelet: Amano Trading Company, $20

Photo: Nick Chao / Model: Desiree Amariei 
Stylist: Missy Schnaps / Hair: Ginger Vaughn / Makeup: Jodi Laub, jodi.laub@gmail.com
Stripe: Stripedesigngroup.com, 107 Walnut Ave., Santa Cruz, (831) 421-9252.

Fall Fashion Movie—Stripe

Take a behind-the-scenes look at our photo shoot at Stripe below or here. Directed by Deva Blaisdell-Anderson.

Santa Cruz Fall Fashion Week Day 2 Stripe from The Penny Rose on Vimeo.

Fall Fashion Giveaway: Return here on Wednesday, Sept. 12 to enter a contest and win a pair of earrings from Stripe.