Six Attention Grabbing Glasses

Clockwise from top left: Oliver People’s Wacks / Masunaga 008 / Warby Parker Clyde / Anthropologie Flecked Corner Readers / Cazel Vintage / Tom Ford Unisex Semi-rounded Fashion Glasses

A few months ago, I was at a bar with a single friend of mine who said, “If you want a guy to talk to you, you need to wear glasses.”

While funny, I realized it was also kind of true. Interesting glasses are a conversation starter. Over the past few years, glasses have zoomed past nerd status into full blown fashion accessory. A standout pair of glasses can be an indication of cool, like a tattoo of a busty sailor girl on your inner arm (although luckily you can change your glasses if you get sick of them).

I’ve always been one of those people with 20/20 vision—or at least I thought I was until I went in last month for the first eye check-up appointment I’ve had since third grade. Turns out I am not one of those people (farsighted with astigmatism). What? When did this happen? For a picky gal like me, choosing a pair was not easy.

After weeks of scouring the Web, I’ve rounded up my top choices, including the one I eventually chose. Think you can guess which ones they are?

I don’t think I’ll be using my glasses to pick up guys (hi, boyfriend!), but I can say I’ll be happy to lend them to any single friends looking to test out the theory.

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