Dry Skin Rescue

It's that time of the year again. Even the most moisturized of us can succumb to winter skin. In my case it usually takes the form of rough, dry, patchy spots on the cheeks and chin area. I've been told before it's from lack of exfoliating. Well, not always. Sometimes it's the bitter, cold air that accompanies Old Man Winter on his journey. On a rushed trip through Target earlier this month though, I happened down the beauty aisle and miraculously found, Boots No7 Dry Skin Rescue as part of their Beautiful Skin line. It's made for just the problem that had befallen my ravaged face and it totally worked its magic on me. It's rich and a little goes a long way but I covered my face with it with special emphasis on the problem areas, and it soaked in without any oiliness. Best of all, the outcome is exactly what I'd hoped for. The next day I was back to my supple self and have said sayonara to Old Man Winter until next time. But I'll be prepared when he comes for me again.