Last Resort


In the fashion doldrums between fall and spring lies the mysterious season called Resort Wear. Originally created for the jet setting super rich who constantly dart from dreary days in New York or Paris to spend the winter in warmer southern climates, resort wear has since gleaned a larger following. With the Internet largely to thank, resort wear has now also become a boon for those living in warmer areas. Offering a summery “tropical” aesthetic, I find that an item or two of resort wear mixed into one’s wardrobe come February erases the drabs and injects a dose of springtime zest.

My favorite piece of resort wear this season is an extremely versatile garment called the Thai fisherman pant. The wide leg, wraparound style is light and airy and looks equally at home on the beach or in the yoga studio. Although the waistband may look a bit odd at first with it’s folded down fabric, the style is surprisingly slimming and if done correctly, can look almost elegant. Thai fisherman pants can be found in fabrics ranging from sturdy cotton and hemp to glamorous linen and silk. If you’re about to whisk away on a well-deserved beach holiday, these are your go to bottoms. If not, it’s still okay to put a little tropical in your wardrobe now, even if you just wear them to bed.

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