Lash Love


Left: Alcinda Walters. Right: Christa Martin wearing "The Flirt" eyelash extensions.

Recently, I had a chance to try out lash extensions for my second time, and again, I was thrilled. For out-of-towners, you can probably find a local spa in your area that does this service, and for Santa Cruzans, L'Atelier Day Spa is the place to discover "green," beautiful lashes by way of stylist Alcinda Walters who carefully applies lashes over the course of an hour or so, inserting each lash to your current lashes (not the lash line). The result is remarkable, lasts several weeks, requires no mascara, and completely opens up your eyes. I'm hooked. 

For those who are able to handle the financial upkeep of "fills" (around $50-$108 every two to three weeks), it's worth the investment. 

"I love the customization of creating the perfect 'look' for each of my clients," says Walters. "The Tease adds length and curl to the outside corner and light abundance to your natural length throughout. The Flirt adds length, medium abundance and curl to your entire lash line. The Classic Beauty is a favorite because it adds length, full abundance and curl to your entire upper lash area. For extravagant beauties, The Bombshell includes extra long, curly lashes with extreme abundance."

Discover the beauty of long eyelash extensions with Alcinda Walters at L'Atelier Day Spa, 304 Lincoln St., Santa Cruz, (831) 469-7546. Tell her The Penny Rose sent you.